Welcome to my New Blog

I am starting a new chapter in my life, and This Blog is part of that journey. I will post on projects, short stories, places I will have booths at, cosplay tips and just random bits from my mind.

As things are changing in the world I too must change and hopefully it is for the good. Feel free to follow along and share, I look forward to this new journey.



New Milestone

twitchSo last night I hit a big milestone for me. The 24 hour live streaming achievement. It took about a month but it is now out of the way. I also woke up to have 27 followers. Kinda big deal. It has taken a while and hopefully I can make affiliate before August. That would be nice accomplishment which would mean better tools to use. Hope everyone has a good day and hopefully I will be able to chit chat with you on my channel!


Battling Depression

WIN_20161111_19_50_41_ProLast night I was supposed to live stream, but my depression was too high for me to even want to. Today I am struggling I feel like it wouldn’t matter if I tried to do something because the outcome still feels the same to me. My current outcomes of my projects always feel like they get lost and nobody really cares unless its about them. Most of my planned projects involves others. I just feel like it no longer matters.

Today is not a new day today is yesterday and the days before. A struggle to do something nice and positive in a world of chaos and anger. I’m not quitting it just feels like I am not even treading in water.


If anyone cares I will be streaming tonight, I plan on Skyrim but that might change. Feel free to pop in and say hi.


New Month Same Goals

Not much has changed for us yet. This moving thing is really taking far longer then I had hoped for. I have purged most of FB I still have over 3,000 pages to get rid of. My “Friend” list went from 300 to 94 people. So the purging is taking a while. I decided to leave my personal page up but I wont have any activity there, my blog posts will feed into it but if comments happen there I will not see or respond to them.

Patreaon has been updated, I really need the help in sharring it.

Twitch Chanel is a constant update trying a few things.

Random thoughts: Life is better when you have a laugh a day, please laugh at least once today.

People I admire: Felicia Day, she helped raise over  25k for RaciesTexas a nonprofit group that helps represent the families from the boarder issues. Mostly the children that were ripped from theire families. This is a big issue for me, no family should be separated, ever, period.




New Adventures

Hi everyone, I know its been about a year since I updated this blog. Not a lot has gone down. I was in a depressed state due to shutting down our shop. But today is a new day and things are slowly changing. we are making our slow steps in moving to a different state, not just of mind but physical moving.  I have reopened my Patreon, I joined Twitch and I have plans by the fall of 2019 to be in film school.

I plan to use my twitch to showcase artists, writers, musicians and other amazing creative people. I also have plant to host how to live classes on creating jewelry, candles, incense powders, dolls, extra. I also have plans to live stream creative cosplay sessions.  Currently until our move is finalized I stream video gamming. I hope many will pop on and use those times to ask me questions.

Along with our New Adventures I also made the decision to shut down all my FB profiles, and pages. I just got tired of all the bots, fake posts, video virus lining to blowjobs, to all the memememe type posts. It has become a visual insanity to me and I no longer need it. I will post all the links one can use to keep up with me at the bottom of this post. I have felt it was time to move away from a platform in which I kept getting lost in.





Fairy Scene Shadowbox

fairyshadowboxI have set up on my website an order form for this Shadowbox. It is machine embroidery. Once I have reached 10 orders I will be able to order bulk supplies to make these.

They are $20.00 each which covers shipping and supplies. https://willowforrestall.wixsite.com/thesacredoak/fairy-shadowbox

If you like to help but don’t want to order one, please consider becoming a patreon supporter. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall

Many blessing and thank you for looking.


February Patreon Gift


On March 1st I will be mailing out a thank you gift to all our Patreon Supporters.  Each supporter will receive 1 random patch design. If you are not a supporter and would like to be you can by going to this link:     https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall

Our patreon helps us get supplies for our Charity work and shop to help lower the cost of our creations. When we can order supplies in large quantities it helps keep costs down for everyone.  You don’t have to be a patreon subscriber to help support us, by going to our patreon you can share any of the posts and this also helps us. With every share it truly does make a big difference for us.

Thank you and many blessings to everyone!


Star Wars Quilt WIP

This is still in the design phase. I ran out of red thread so the designs are on pause.  I thinking of doing a log cabin type of design with this with star wars fabrics. Not 100% sure yet.

As of right now I have no timeline for this as funds are in the negative at the moment. I really hope things look up very soon.


want to help with this project or others? you can for just $1.00 a month through my patreon page or even going to my web store and sharing my work. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall


New Website

I finally made a decision on our shop. I am currently working on a WIX website for it.

I hope by next week to have finished the following for it: Photo Album, Give-a-ways, Bookings Page, and a webstore.

I need to have something up while we do shows and such. Hopefully I can get everything merged into a happy functional site.

Link: http://willowforrestall.wixsite.com/thesacredoak