Welcome to my New Blog

I am starting a new chapter in my life, and This Blog is part of that journey. I will post on projects, short stories, places I will have booths at, cosplay tips and just random bits from my mind.

As things are changing in the world I too must change and hopefully it is for the good. Feel free to follow along and share, I look forward to this new journey.



Fairy Scene Shadowbox

fairyshadowboxI have set up on my website an order form for this Shadowbox. It is machine embroidery. Once I have reached 10 orders I will be able to order bulk supplies to make these.

They are $20.00 each which covers shipping and supplies. https://willowforrestall.wixsite.com/thesacredoak/fairy-shadowbox

If you like to help but don’t want to order one, please consider becoming a patreon supporter. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall

Many blessing and thank you for looking.


February Patreon Gift


On March 1st I will be mailing out a thank you gift to all our Patreon Supporters.  Each supporter will receive 1 random patch design. If you are not a supporter and would like to be you can by going to this link:     https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall

Our patreon helps us get supplies for our Charity work and shop to help lower the cost of our creations. When we can order supplies in large quantities it helps keep costs down for everyone.  You don’t have to be a patreon subscriber to help support us, by going to our patreon you can share any of the posts and this also helps us. With every share it truly does make a big difference for us.

Thank you and many blessings to everyone!


Star Wars Quilt WIP

This is still in the design phase. I ran out of red thread so the designs are on pause.  I thinking of doing a log cabin type of design with this with star wars fabrics. Not 100% sure yet.

As of right now I have no timeline for this as funds are in the negative at the moment. I really hope things look up very soon.


want to help with this project or others? you can for just $1.00 a month through my patreon page or even going to my web store and sharing my work. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall


New Website

I finally made a decision on our shop. I am currently working on a WIX website for it.

I hope by next week to have finished the following for it: Photo Album, Give-a-ways, Bookings Page, and a webstore.

I need to have something up while we do shows and such. Hopefully I can get everything merged into a happy functional site.

Link: http://willowforrestall.wixsite.com/thesacredoak

Book Binding Project: Necronomicon

img_0084My husband is a huge Evil Dead fan and I decided I would make him a blank book. I don’t know if I will be making others of different styles, but I will say this I found it quite satisfying to make. I would be willing to make custom books for those who ask. The following video is the process I took. I plan to revise this for other books.


The Morning After

Yes we survived the night, the sun has come up, but what is it shining on? I will tell you, a country that went ot and did its duty, but there is something else. Many have let there emotions get in the way and have been doing acts of great destruction. Please don’t destroy property, hurt people because of an election outcome. There is something Positive you can do right this very moment, to prove to others you can rise above this. Hold your hand out to your neighbor, hold a door open, smile and wish someone a wonderful day. Little acts can turn into big movements. Always remember the brightest light in the sky is yours even if you can’t see it, be the beacon of love and hope for someone who struggling in the darkness. Be the light of change, be the Beacon of Hope!

Votes were casted, now we watch. And just like our grandparents and parents we have the power to make waves of change, to have our voice herd. We can still stand together and face the day together. Yes it is true I did hope that Trump would not have become the next President, but instead of spewing hateful words that change nothing, I am going to keep trying to be a positive force.

I have two children that I must show that despite the outcomes we must face this and deal with it one day at a time, no matter how hard it gets. Yes I am suffering from the voting outcome, I cried this morning. I feel sick to my stomach over this. I have an autistic child, a husband with COPD with no insurance or medicines, and yet I will continue to do my best to be a force of Positive change. I ask others to step up by my side and take the challenge as well. Always remember The President Works for us not us for them. Its time to roll up our sleeves and keep fighting and keep pulling others up not down. Together we are the change, so let us work together.

I am no one special and I don’t expect anyone to listen to me, and that is okay. Just know I am here for you and no matter what I will always have an open hand out for you to take. No questions, no hate attached.

Let us Unite and show The World we are better then what has happened in the last few days.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

I took the plunge and tried it out during a 14 day free trial. I really enjoyed it. Now keep in mind mist games I play are on console with controllers I have very little keyboard gamming skills. Okay I really suck at it. I do have a controller for my computer but the plug and play doesn’t work right. Anyways back to the game, the system is very sophisticated compared to Dungeons and Dragons Online. I loved the idea of cross class building.

My only major hang up on it is that you have to buy the game and then do a monthly subscription. One of the reasons why I quit Elder Scrolls online. you spend $30+ for a game then a monthly fee? Does anyone find that slightly crazy?  I don’t mind paying for a game but I do draw the line on monthly fees on top of the original cost. I can’t justify paying into something like that. Maybe because I have responsibilities that come first. I wouldn’t mind a restriction on a free account, in fact that’s how I play Defiance. Yes I play defiance on my XBOX 360, and yes I do enjoy blowing up hellbugs when I don’t have a project going on. That’s another thing I don’t get to play every single day so I feel if I am paying a monthly thing I am pressured to try and play everyday. I am a casual player and enjoy doing a few things when I can.

My other issue with it is and this is all on me not the game itself, is that I hate group dungeons. I don’t play well with others, I am glad that it had a safety system for the party. Which means you cant hurt  your party members. The game does have PVP but like other online games I ignore these invites. I have nothing to prove by dying from some level 900 fighter.  I dislike those “Hey fight me” invites maybe because I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I just like doing the quests and finding loot, mmmm shinnies.

Anyways if they do decide to have a free players account I would love that bring on the limitations I welcome them. I enjoy a good challenge. Well here are a few screen shots I got 🙂