Review: South Texas Toy and Comic Show

This was there first show, and I have to say it was really good for a first! I know we had a good time.

Our trip started at 11pm on Friday we got to Corpus about 5am. Took only an hour to set up our booth, If I had brought a table I could have displayed more items, I was concerned about our space in the car.  We were set up between Megan B a professional Cosplayer and Model and The 501st Legion.  Plenty of vendors, some awesome cosplayers and just an overall wonderful time.

They are planning to do another one in November, we wont be able to go but that should not stop you from going.  I only expect it to grow and become more amazing as time goes by. I wish them much luck and happy memories.

Our shop is back from vacation mode. I might be adding a few things this week. Not sure right now.

Links to some of the people we met:

Megan B


501st Star Garrison

Corpus Christi Joker

Dearest Darling Photography

South Texas Toy and Comic Show

For some reason the links are not saving, I will try to edit this later today.

A few photos:



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