New Happenings

So the other day we got some bad news. Our car payments doubled and we may be carless very soon if we can’t find a way to make the payments. I am beside myself trying to help ease the financial burden from my husband. who works outside the home. I stay home with my daughter who does the online k12 program. I have been told by many jobs around that I am unemployable, another words I am not “pretty” for them to look at. Even if I were to get a job outside the home I would have to have a shift that starts at midnight and ends before 5 am so I can be home during the day. My son who is autistic with non verbal and sensory processing disorder can have major issues at school at a drop of a hat.

I tried vending now I cant afford to do anymore this year. I just feel trapped seams my dream of going back to school may not be an option at all. Something always seams to happen to crush what I really want. I know we will bounce back but not sure how yet.



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