For the love of Coffee

So this morning my traditional drip maker stopped working. I couldn’t and still have not found the percolator basket for my percolator pot. And the only coffee I have is the fine expresso ground, which my very awesome friend gave me. She rocks, you know who you are. So this morning I was crafty didn’t work well but we had coffee. I used a filter placed some coffee in it and tied it closed and placed it in my pot of water. Took nearly two hours for it to steep. Yea didn’t work well. But this evening after a quick google search and 5 videos later I came up with a plan. Messy, but a plan.

So taking the idea of the Turkish and Greek brewing method, I created a different one. I don’t have those narrow pots they use I just had my sauce pot. I placed 4 cups of water in it, four heaping scoops of the coffee and a few tablespoons of sugar. Placed it on med heat stirred until sugar dissolved. I left it alone let it create foam and first simmer lifted it off the heat stirred in the foam and placed it back on. I did this for another 2 times. I turned the heat off let sit for approx. 3-6 minutes to allow most of the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom. Now in traditional style you would serve it after one minute off heat and distribute the foam among those drinking. I wont be drinking this right away. I got a few paper filters, into the mouths of my canning jars added the ring to secure the filter. and began to ladle the coffee in allowing it to drain into the jars. This came out very dark like super strong. Which is what I wanted. I now have a version of coffee concentrate that I can add into my coffee cup with hot water and enjoy coffee without waiting to brew for two hours.

I really hope it works, its all I can do for now.



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