Final Fantasy XIV Online

I took the plunge and tried it out during a 14 day free trial. I really enjoyed it. Now keep in mind mist games I play are on console with controllers I have very little keyboard gamming skills. Okay I really suck at it. I do have a controller for my computer but the plug and play doesn’t work right. Anyways back to the game, the system is very sophisticated compared to Dungeons and Dragons Online. I loved the idea of cross class building.

My only major hang up on it is that you have to buy the game and then do a monthly subscription. One of the reasons why I quit Elder Scrolls online. you spend $30+ for a game then a monthly fee? Does anyone find that slightly crazy?  I don’t mind paying for a game but I do draw the line on monthly fees on top of the original cost. I can’t justify paying into something like that. Maybe because I have responsibilities that come first. I wouldn’t mind a restriction on a free account, in fact that’s how I play Defiance. Yes I play defiance on my XBOX 360, and yes I do enjoy blowing up hellbugs when I don’t have a project going on. That’s another thing I don’t get to play every single day so I feel if I am paying a monthly thing I am pressured to try and play everyday. I am a casual player and enjoy doing a few things when I can.

My other issue with it is and this is all on me not the game itself, is that I hate group dungeons. I don’t play well with others, I am glad that it had a safety system for the party. Which means you cant hurt  your party members. The game does have PVP but like other online games I ignore these invites. I have nothing to prove by dying from some level 900 fighter.  I dislike those “Hey fight me” invites maybe because I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I just like doing the quests and finding loot, mmmm shinnies.

Anyways if they do decide to have a free players account I would love that bring on the limitations I welcome them. I enjoy a good challenge. Well here are a few screen shots I got 🙂


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