The Morning After

Yes we survived the night, the sun has come up, but what is it shining on? I will tell you, a country that went ot and did its duty, but there is something else. Many have let there emotions get in the way and have been doing acts of great destruction. Please don’t destroy property, hurt people because of an election outcome. There is something Positive you can do right this very moment, to prove to others you can rise above this. Hold your hand out to your neighbor, hold a door open, smile and wish someone a wonderful day. Little acts can turn into big movements. Always remember the brightest light in the sky is yours even if you can’t see it, be the beacon of love and hope for someone who struggling in the darkness. Be the light of change, be the Beacon of Hope!

Votes were casted, now we watch. And just like our grandparents and parents we have the power to make waves of change, to have our voice herd. We can still stand together and face the day together. Yes it is true I did hope that Trump would not have become the next President, but instead of spewing hateful words that change nothing, I am going to keep trying to be a positive force.

I have two children that I must show that despite the outcomes we must face this and deal with it one day at a time, no matter how hard it gets. Yes I am suffering from the voting outcome, I cried this morning. I feel sick to my stomach over this. I have an autistic child, a husband with COPD with no insurance or medicines, and yet I will continue to do my best to be a force of Positive change. I ask others to step up by my side and take the challenge as well. Always remember The President Works for us not us for them. Its time to roll up our sleeves and keep fighting and keep pulling others up not down. Together we are the change, so let us work together.

I am no one special and I don’t expect anyone to listen to me, and that is okay. Just know I am here for you and no matter what I will always have an open hand out for you to take. No questions, no hate attached.

Let us Unite and show The World we are better then what has happened in the last few days.


New Project: Bags of Warmth

I am currently starting a new project for the colder months. I have tried to figure out ways to do this for years. The project has its own page right here on my blog. I have plans to start working on a few bags as soon as I finish a quilt I am working on.  You can help by sharing that page on social media. I am using my Patreon page first goal to help fund for the materials needed to make Hats, Scarves, Gloves and the bags. All I ask is that others help spread the page, and if you can to donate a $1.00 towards this project. I can’t do it by myself and I welcome all those who want to help create items for these bags.

My First plan is to use this bag pattern:  I Love it because it zips closed. That’s a must for anyone. It is the tote version 😉  I also plan to make these for our etsy shop with embroidery work at a later date.

Also if you purchase anything from our Etsy shop it will help me to get supplies needed to put these bags together. You can use FALL2016 to get 25% off on orders. Every little sale, and share really helps. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my posts.

Update November 9 2016 I have just obtained the Bag Pattern! Hopefully soon I will be sewing up some bags!



Computer Lockout

So Thursday Morning I turned my laptop on and had the following blocking me to my computer.


So I went 4 days trying to bypass it myself. Nothing worked. I had to take it in today, about an hour later all AVG items were pulled off and I now have access to a computer. I worn you if you have AVG get it off now!!!! The tech guy said I was lucky it was close to frying my BOAS which would have meant a new mother board. Luckily he didn’t charge me anything and wished me a lovely Sunday with my family. Thanks to his kindness I now can have access to my e-mails and business files, Including a novel I am working on.

I have spent all afternoon catching up.  Business back to normal.  🙂

For the love of Coffee

So this morning my traditional drip maker stopped working. I couldn’t and still have not found the percolator basket for my percolator pot. And the only coffee I have is the fine expresso ground, which my very awesome friend gave me. She rocks, you know who you are. So this morning I was crafty didn’t work well but we had coffee. I used a filter placed some coffee in it and tied it closed and placed it in my pot of water. Took nearly two hours for it to steep. Yea didn’t work well. But this evening after a quick google search and 5 videos later I came up with a plan. Messy, but a plan.

So taking the idea of the Turkish and Greek brewing method, I created a different one. I don’t have those narrow pots they use I just had my sauce pot. I placed 4 cups of water in it, four heaping scoops of the coffee and a few tablespoons of sugar. Placed it on med heat stirred until sugar dissolved. I left it alone let it create foam and first simmer lifted it off the heat stirred in the foam and placed it back on. I did this for another 2 times. I turned the heat off let sit for approx. 3-6 minutes to allow most of the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom. Now in traditional style you would serve it after one minute off heat and distribute the foam among those drinking. I wont be drinking this right away. I got a few paper filters, into the mouths of my canning jars added the ring to secure the filter. and began to ladle the coffee in allowing it to drain into the jars. This came out very dark like super strong. Which is what I wanted. I now have a version of coffee concentrate that I can add into my coffee cup with hot water and enjoy coffee without waiting to brew for two hours.

I really hope it works, its all I can do for now.


Small Change

I have created a separate e-mail from my store. 15 years its time to start separating from shop life. I have already updated my twitter, my cosplay/artist fan page on facebook and my account on here. So if you use my contact page the message will auto send to my new email. If you need to contact me you can by

Another small change will be coming soon. I may be rebranding my shop on etsy. I don’t think sacredoak no longer fits the style. Not sure, I have more important things on my mind as this weeks deadline is approaching and I have not been able to meet it yet. Life shouldn’t be this hard, just saying not complaining. Oh well back to the sketchbooks and writing novels. Maybe one will be published by next year.


A Little Help

I really could use your help in sharring my items. I an in despreate need to raise $300.00 by the 16th. I will even send a random patch to folks as a thank you gift for helping me. All you need to do is the following: If you share from etsy on to Twitter or Facebook make sure to tag me

Twitter id: willowforrestal

Facebook Id: WillowForrestall and include the promo code: Fall2016 Takes 25% off on order. From Square shop is the same tags no promo code.

Etsy Link:

Square Link:

Just like this post and comment. I should get the tag notifications if done right. I have tons of embroidery designs and patches just let me know what type you would like example: Scifi, Video Game, Spiritual, Animals, Winter, Fall, Spring, Love, Fantasy I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!


New Happenings

So the other day we got some bad news. Our car payments doubled and we may be carless very soon if we can’t find a way to make the payments. I am beside myself trying to help ease the financial burden from my husband. who works outside the home. I stay home with my daughter who does the online k12 program. I have been told by many jobs around that I am unemployable, another words I am not “pretty” for them to look at. Even if I were to get a job outside the home I would have to have a shift that starts at midnight and ends before 5 am so I can be home during the day. My son who is autistic with non verbal and sensory processing disorder can have major issues at school at a drop of a hat.

I tried vending now I cant afford to do anymore this year. I just feel trapped seams my dream of going back to school may not be an option at all. Something always seams to happen to crush what I really want. I know we will bounce back but not sure how yet.


Small Update

I been pretty busy going through Inventory trying to figure out a way to sell it all off. I have re-opend my Square shop for much of the smaller items: Bows, Key Chains Tiny stuffed beings and random other goodies. We are in desperate mode and not sure what will happen.

Square Shop:

Thank you all so much for viewing and may you all have a wonderful weekend!


Trying To Move

So for a few months now we have been trying to prep for a long distance move. It has not been easy with the kids our for summer, and now school starts back up on Monday.  It has not been easy in any stage of our prep. We are no where near where we need to be, but I  really believe by the end of the calendar year we will be able to move.

I am determined to go back to film school, this time I know I will be able to handle it.  Most of our waiting has been my hubbys work, for transfer information and training classes. I am so emotionally ready for a new beginning, the last 8 years have been so draining and depressing, we desperately need to do this.

Many people suggested trying crowdfunding and such, but I honestly believe there are far better causes to donate to then a family struggling for a fresh start. We will get there, just might take longer then we want. I been picking up odd jobs so hopefully that will help. Our current situation is our bills are far higher then whats being made. We had shut down our website a few weeks ago, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to mess with online sales anymore, I was wrong. I had to reopen our Etsy shop just to be able to help with the bills so our bank account wouldn’t go in the negative. I am really hoping the show we will be doing next week will help us in a big way. Our main concern is gas to and from the show. It’s about a 5 hour drive one way. I know once there it will be okay.

It has defiantly been a stressful ride so far and I have hope that things will pick up for us very soon. Its just the waiting that kills you.  I really appreciate all those who stop by and look at our posts and our shop, it really helps. Thank you 🙂

Welcome to my New Blog

I am starting a new chapter in my life, and This Blog is part of that journey. I will post on projects, short stories, places I will have booths at, cosplay tips and just random bits from my mind.

As things are changing in the world I too must change and hopefully it is for the good. Feel free to follow along and share, I look forward to this new journey.