Dark Fairytales and Legends Quilt WIP

I also been working on a dark fairytale and legends quilt.  I still have 20 more designs to stich out. This will be a log cabin style quilt, I have not found the right colors yet to go with it. But this is it for now.


Star Wars Quilt WIP

This is still in the design phase. I ran out of red thread so the designs are on pause.  I thinking of doing a log cabin type of design with this with star wars fabrics. Not 100% sure yet.

As of right now I have no timeline for this as funds are in the negative at the moment. I really hope things look up very soon.


want to help with this project or others? you can for just $1.00 a month through my patreon page or even going to my web store and sharing my work. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall


Gene Wilder Tribute

Several years ago I started my version of Gene Wilders version of Willy Wonka’s Coat. A Purple Velvet Gentlemen’s Frock Coat with Gold Whimsy Buttonholes. All I need are buttons I been looking for over 5 years now, nothing seams to fit, yet. This is also the same design I use for Doctor Who and any Victorian Steampunk cosplays. I will have better pics one day.


I also made this pin in Honor of his memory. He was always Kind, Generous, Funny, Charming human being.


Embroidery Hats

So I tried a thing on my hubbys Ball Cap. The design is called Supreme Chancler, and I realized I had placed it upside down. *hangs head in shame* Its a Star Wars type design.  I do not have a way to stich the designs right onto the hat, that calls for a bigger machine and special hoop. And stitching the patch right onto the hat was not an easy job. It shifted slightly as I stitched it on. He likes it that’s all that matters. 🙂

Adipose Plushies

I tried my hand at a new thing making Adipose Plushies. I have done only 3 so far and very time consuming. I may do these as special orders because of the time that goes into them. 8 hours from cutting to finish. I even hand stitched the faces. If I get a lot of requests I will put a listing up on my Etsy Shop.