February Patreon Gift


On March 1st I will be mailing out a thank you gift to all our Patreon Supporters.  Each supporter will receive 1 random patch design. If you are not a supporter and would like to be you can by going to this link:     https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall

Our patreon helps us get supplies for our Charity work and shop to help lower the cost of our creations. When we can order supplies in large quantities it helps keep costs down for everyone.  You don’t have to be a patreon subscriber to help support us, by going to our patreon you can share any of the posts and this also helps us. With every share it truly does make a big difference for us.

Thank you and many blessings to everyone!



Star Wars Quilt WIP

This is still in the design phase. I ran out of red thread so the designs are on pause.  I thinking of doing a log cabin type of design with this with star wars fabrics. Not 100% sure yet.

As of right now I have no timeline for this as funds are in the negative at the moment. I really hope things look up very soon.


want to help with this project or others? you can for just $1.00 a month through my patreon page or even going to my web store and sharing my work. https://www.patreon.com/WillowForrestall


Book Binding Project: Necronomicon

img_0084My husband is a huge Evil Dead fan and I decided I would make him a blank book. I don’t know if I will be making others of different styles, but I will say this I found it quite satisfying to make. I would be willing to make custom books for those who ask. The following video is the process I took. I plan to revise this for other books.


A Little Help

I really could use your help in sharring my items. I an in despreate need to raise $300.00 by the 16th. I will even send a random patch to folks as a thank you gift for helping me. All you need to do is the following: If you share from etsy on to Twitter or Facebook make sure to tag me

Twitter id: willowforrestal

Facebook Id: WillowForrestall and include the promo code: Fall2016 Takes 25% off on order. From Square shop is the same tags no promo code.

Etsy Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sacredoak

Square Link: https://squareup.com/store/the-sacred-oak

Just like this post and comment. I should get the tag notifications if done right. I have tons of embroidery designs and patches just let me know what type you would like example: Scifi, Video Game, Spiritual, Animals, Winter, Fall, Spring, Love, Fantasy I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!


Costume Commissions: Open

I am open for custom costuming, Please note that in my etsy shop is some simple items such as robes and cloaks.

How to get a custom costume quote:

Send me an e-mail, you can even use the contact me page to do this. In the subject please put in: Costume Quote. In the body please have a description, or even a sketch or concept art if you happen to have those. I will also need to know when you need it by, where it is being shipped to, and your body measurements. Bust/Chest, Waist, Hips, and height.

In the quotes I give Supply costs, Any shipping fees, My Time fee and information about down payment.

Past Work:

Review: South Texas Toy and Comic Show

This was there first show, and I have to say it was really good for a first! I know we had a good time.

Our trip started at 11pm on Friday we got to Corpus about 5am. Took only an hour to set up our booth, If I had brought a table I could have displayed more items, I was concerned about our space in the car.  We were set up between Megan B a professional Cosplayer and Model and The 501st Legion.  Plenty of vendors, some awesome cosplayers and just an overall wonderful time.

They are planning to do another one in November, we wont be able to go but that should not stop you from going.  I only expect it to grow and become more amazing as time goes by. I wish them much luck and happy memories.

Our shop is back from vacation mode. I might be adding a few things this week. Not sure right now.

Links to some of the people we met:

Megan B  https://www.facebook.com/meganbtv

WolfsBane https://www.facebook.com/wolfsbane316/

501st Star Garrison http://www.stargarrison.com

Corpus Christi Joker https://www.facebook.com/corpuschristiJoker/

Dearest Darling Photography https://www.facebook.com/dearestdarlingphotography

South Texas Toy and Comic Show https://www.facebook.com/South-Texas-Toy-Comic-Show-479840472210719

For some reason the links are not saving, I will try to edit this later today.

A few photos:


Wonder Woman Flower Fairies

I finally finished them! The hardest part was finding the right wing design. I finally went with a set from Urban Threads. I stitched the wings in Metallic Ruby Red, they sparkle!  I hope they find homes Saturday, I would hate having to bring them back home. You can find part of the fairies journey by clicking here.

Etsy Shop Notice

I will be putting our Etsy shop on vacation mode Thursday Night until Monday. The 25th-29th. The Promo code SUMMER2016 has expired. There will be a new one sometime next week.

For those who live near me in Angelina County you can get a free shipping which means you will have to arrange a pick up time and day. You can remove the shipping costs by using this code: LOCALPICKUP

We will be out of town doing this event, Hope to meet many folks!